The Composer John L Holmes gains inspiration for his compositions from a variety of conditions or events that he has experienced or is moved by the occasion. His work can best be described as emotive theme music carrying the title that he is expressing. The music for “Believe” was composed as a Wedding song and came from experiencing a beautiful and loving family culture when attending a traditional Vietnamese Wedding in Vietnam. “Solace” music that will give comfort or cheer in a time of sorrow. “Quest” in climbing a mountain. “A New Dawn” to celebrate exactly that and the wonder that each new dawn brings. “Pure Love” expressing the joy and dedicating this song to “Billie” on the birth of his first little Granddaughter. “Beginnings” to recognise the destruction that has already affected our planet and begin to love, protect and appreciate our precious environment. “Adieu” simply bidding farewell and the last track on the album “Summer Gone – Autumn Comes” signifying a time of change.

Layer Upon Layer Listen to the Album

1. Beginnings

2. Adieu

3. Believe

4. New Dawn

5. Quest

6. Solace

7. Summer Gone Autumn Comes

8. Pure Love